Medical Information Technology Department


Missions :

Computerization of all Activities of the Royal Medical Services through the use of modern information technology tools in all hospitals, units, departments and centers of the Royal Medical Services, focusing on training and equipment maintenance, and carrying  out studies required to convert manual systems to computerized systems through analysis, design, programming, application and control of these systems.

Technical support

Software Maintenance

  •  The Department has studied and analyzed the regulations and make technical amendments to the various systems and software for all divisions, departments, hospitals of the Royal Medical Services.

Devices maintenance

  • Design and installation of networks

Electronic systems and services

  1.  Military health insurance administration system. It has established three stations to issue health insurance cards to make it easier for auditors in Prince Hashem Bin Al-Hussein Hospital, Prince Rashid Bin Al Hassan Hospital, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein Hospital, And it underway to add new locations that will be announced in due course.

  2. Integrated system for the management of patients Affairs (medical records) and appointments.

  3. Major medical warehouse management system.

  4. Financial and administrative system.

  5. Contacting and collaboration with computing Health (Hakeem) and the entering of the medical file archiving and medical procedures for patients in all hospitals of the Royal Medical Services.

  6. Supervision and sustain the website of the Royal Medical Services.

  7. Rehabilitation the staff of Royal Medical Services through information technology courses.


  • Link all hospitals and centers of  the Royal Medical Services on a single network.
  • Expansion in the application of automated systems and dispense with manual systems.
  • Providing services to recipients of the service by the Royal Medical Services site and so compatible with the e-government programs.