physical therapy


Established physiotherapy in 1963 and became a department at the end of 2012, The Department of Physical Therapy two divisions:

  • Physiotherapy treatment of the spinal cord injury, burns, arthritis and outpatient clinic. 
  • Physiotherapy of the orthopedic, neuro  , neurosurgery  and pediatric . And includes those divisions main sections distributed to hospitals in the Royal Medical Services are:

  1. Royal  Rehabilitation Center
  2.  Queen Rania Al Abdullah Children's Hospital 
  3.  Queen Alia Military Hospital
  4. Prince Hashem Bin Al-Hussein Hospital
  5.  Prince Rashed bin Hassan Hospital 
  6. Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein Hospital
  7. Prince Zeid Bin Al-Hussein Hospital
  8. Prince Hashim bin Abdullah (Aqaba)
  9. King talal Hospital 
  10. Prince Haya hospital

The department also participates in community service in several locations, such as: the Hashemite Authority to the special needs of military, medical and technical committees of the Supreme Council for persons with disabilities and some special duties.

Department of Physiotherapy at the King Hussein Medical City

The department of physiotherapy Includes qualified staff and highest training to deal with all the conditions that need physiotherapy for both "simple or complex ones.


The department contains ten teams:

  1. Orthopedic team : This team This team handles orthopedic injuries acute and chronic , fractures, correction bone deformities by  Ilizarov , cases of joint replacement, cases of spinal deformities, and sport injuries Note that "the therapeutic program will be pre-and post-surgical patients and patients 

  2.  Neuro  and neurosurgery team: This team This team handles all cases of nerve injury and whether "the injury was caused by a particular disease or a particular incident for all ages

  3. Plastic and burns team: This team treats all patients entering the department of burns and which is located on the first floor of the Royal Rehabilitation Center also treats all cases of injuries and cut tendons after surgery and patients referred from plastic clinics.

  4. Rheumatology team : The group follow up all cases of rheumatic arthritis 

  5. Spinal cord team : Specialists to provide treatment programs and rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries patients , located on the third floor of the Royal Rehabilitation Center within the spinal cord ward , characterized by great specificity that the only section in Jordan and Scientifically qualified staff "and practically" the highest degree of expertise. 

  6. Orthotic P.T. team: Working in the physical therapy department to provide specialized treatment programs and rehabilitation and follow-up cases of amputation- both "in the upper extremities or the lower ones, which is located at the National Center for injuries and amputations.
  7. Brachial plexus injuries team: The team in collaboration with the occupational therapist to provide therapeutic and rehabilitative services for patients with brachial plexus injuries

  8. Cerebral palsy Team: Working in the physiotherapy department to provide specialized treatment programs and rehabilitation and education of the mother, which is located on the first floor of the Queen Rania Al-Abdullah hospital,  in the King Hussein Medical City

  9. Mail therapeutic Hall team: For the treatment of Males conditions such as lower back pain and neck joints and inflammation of the tendons and nerves, .....etc

  10.  Female therapeutic Hall team : For the treatment of females conditions such as lower back pain and neck joints and inflammation of the tendons and nerves, .....etc.

  • Location: Royal Rehabilitation Center

Physiotherapy department is located in the Royal Rehabilitation Centre on the ground floor and has the following halls:

  1. Reception: Receives patients and take the requests  for registration and referred them  to the physiotherapists , lead patients and answer their questions
  2. VIP treatment Section.
  3. Group therapy Section.
  4. Gym.
  5. Hall of hydrotherapy.
  6. Hall of treatment female patients - contain (6) therapeutic units 
  7. Hall of treatment male patients - contain (8) therapeutic units 
  8. the main hall (internal counter) and contains a parallel bars to train and walking on, tilting tables,  and radiology computing device so the physiotherapist can monitor all types of patient X-rays.

  • Hall In the 3rd floor  -  to deal with spinal cord injuries patients and is located within the spinal cord ward .
  • Hall at the National Center for amputation injuries, to treat amputations and cerebral palsy 
  • There is also two physiotherapists  at the occupational therapy division   treating brachial plexus injury patients.
  • The department equipped with the latest hardware needed in the electrotherapy  and hydrotherapy as well as the latest devices  for therapeutic exercises
  • To Follow-up of scientific development  in physiotherapy in developed countries the Royal Medical Services send  a number of therapists to update their knowledge  in this field

For more details:

  • Chairman  of physiotherapy department     06 5804804 ext  63010
  • Chief of physiotherapy   06 5804804 ext  63030