International PatientServices


Office location 

 The office is located at the national center Amputee Rehabilitation center.


 Working Mechanism in the office 

  • The office receives medical reports by fax or electronic mail and presents them to the 
  • Specialized doctor and responses and made within 48 hours maximum.
  • Treatment cost is estimated and communicated to patients prior to the initiation of the treatment.
  • Appointments are arranged and laboratory tests and x-ray are carried out in a speedy 
  • manner  In order to secure timely diagnosis treatment and surgical intervention.
  • A representive from the office accompanies the patient at the admission time, during the 
  • Laboratory Tests and x-ray up to the receipts of medical prescription.
  • The office follows up on the results of laboratory test and x-rays      .
  • Medical reports are insured upon the completion of patient’s treatment.
  • The office receives patients at the airport, either by a private car or an ambulance as requested, evacuation by air is possible if required.

 Office clients 

  • Military attaches  residing in Jordan and their families military staff attending advanced 
  • training  Courses in Jordan and diplomatic missions staff and their families. 
  • The office receives clients from Arab and other countries that have health cooperation 
  • Agreements with Jordan (Sudan,Yemen ,Bahrain ,Kuwait ,Palestine,and Chad ).
  • Clients covering the cost of the treatment themselves .