The injuries and diseases of orthopedics used to be treated by doctors of general surgery at the Royal Medical Services so that was limited to conservative treatment, such as gypsum or traction or other conservative methods.

Since the beginning of 1972 orthopedic surgery began as branch following the Department of General Surgery, its services were orderly organized and specialized manner in Amman Military Hospital.

In 1974 the specialty of Orthopedic Surgery was transferred to King Hussein Medical City, where it was then affiliated to the Department of General Surgery.

In 1980 orthopedic surgery department became an independent department

In 1983 the Department of Orthopedic Surgery moved to the Royal Rehabilitation Center including each of the following subspecialties:

1. Spine surgery

2. Joint reconstruction

3. Pediatric orthopedics

4. Upper limb

5. Oncology

6. Ankle and foot

7. Sport medicine

Proceeding from the fact that the department is considered as a tertiary center for the kingdom and abroad, we receive advanced and complex cases, the department treats the military insured population as well as those whom are willing to be treated  from inside and outside the Kingdom of civilians.